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E' uscito un'aggiornamento.......


Finalmente è uscito l'aggiornamento che aspettavo da tanto tempo, ora si possono creare Campionati personalizzati con pratiche e qualifiche, poi novità per me molto importante è che si può settare a proprio piacimento la visuale camera car anche in gioco, spettacolo, quest'opzione dovrebbe essere presente in tutti i giochi di guida. Dopo questo aggiornamento per me Assetto Corsa diventa il N°1.

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Ma i campionati non si possono salvare? Ho chiuso il gioco e quando sono rientrato era sparito..


Secondo me c'è qualche bug, perchè è successo una volta pure a me, anche la visuale personalizzabile direttamente in game è fantastica, però anche se si salva quando si spegne il gioco di azzera, che scatole.

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The latest version of Assetto Corsa is now available on Xbox, bringing Kunos’ sim racer up to version 1.15.

Weighing in at 1.5GB, the patch brings with it plenty of improvements to a game that just recently celebrated its first anniversary. Chief amongst them is the inclusion of the Ready To Race car pack, which brings 10 new cars to the franchise. We detailed the pack way back in May, but a quick refresher on what it brings:

  • Audi R18 e-tron quattro 2014
  • Audi R8 LMS 2016
  • Audi TT Cup 2016
  • Audi TT RS (VLN) 2013
  • Lotus 3-Eleven
  • Maserati MC12 GT1
  • McLaren 570S
  • McLaren P1 GTR
  • Toyota Celica ST185 Turbo
  • Toyota TS040 Hybrid

The Ready To Race DLC isn’t actually available yet, however. It briefly showed up on the Xbox Marketplace last week, before being pulled. On the other side of the fence, the PlayStation blog lists it coming on-line tomorrow, September 13. The 1.15 update isn’t yet available on the PlayStation 4, but we expect it to land later today.

In addition to support for the car pack, 1.15 introduces customizable button mapping. Players have demanded this feature since the beginning, so it should be very welcome. The full change log is available at the bottom of this post.

For Xbox players, perhaps the most important feature the new patch brings is the ability to play the game. Last week, reports started coming in that the game refused to launch on Microsoft’s system. We were afflicted by this glitch, but it appears to be fixed after downloading the patch.

With the console versions now more or less at par with the PC one, we wonder (and hope) the update process will be more unified moving forward. With the promise of a new Ferrari car pack on the horizon, can you blame us?


Changelog v1.15

  • Assignable controls interface added in launcher and in-game.
  • Private lobbies now allow the usage of drift and A2B tracks (practice mode only)
  • Improved Ferrari 312T and Lotus 72D AI.
  • Corrected Mercedes C9 front tyre wear.
  • Corrected Glickenhaus SCG003 setup dampers slider numbering.
  • Improved live ale simulation.
  • Updated live axle physics for Alfa Romeo GTA, Ford Escort RS, Maserati 250 6cyl & 12cyl, Toyota AE86 stock, drift & tuned. Old setups might need to be tweaked again.
  • Fixed Delta Graph script on McLaren P1 GTR.
  • Real-life racing liveries added for the Maserati MC12 GT1.
  • Fixed BMW M3 E30 Gr.A 92 pitstop time.
  • Fixed double names in several Special Events.
  • Minor graphical fixe on various cars.
  • Improved braking force and stopping distance for Lotus Elise SC (and step models), Lotus 2-eleven and Lotus Exige 240 and Scura.
  • Disabled autoblip for Maserati MC12 GT1 and Porsche 911 GT1 in downshift. Can be enabled as assist.
  • Fixed “Just a Taste” Special Event.
  • Various livery fixes on the Lotus 3-Eleven, Audi R8 LMS 2016 and Toyota TS040 Hybrid.
  • Minor graphical fixes on newly released cars.
  • Tweaked conditions on some special events.
  • Added semislicks street legal tyres on the Lotus 3-Eleven after popular request.
  • Driver position adjusted in Audi TT RS VLN.
  • Added wind algorithm.
  • Tweaked backfire flash flames in many cars.
  • Fixed rare automatic pitstop activation at car spawning in the pit.
  • Fixed deadzone for gamepads.
  • Minimum for automatic reset tyre on track is now 2.
  • Added Push To Pass system (Audi TT Cup), P2P amount depends on grid position, enabled in Practice and Race sessions only.
  • Adjusted Lotus 98T tyre wear.
  • Added track animated starting lights.
  • Added AI Aggression selection.
  • More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles.
  • Added AI wing setup variations.
  • Improved Downshift Protection algorithm.
  • Fixed AI giving away green light by flooring gas 500ms in advance.
  • New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting.
  • AI now uses KERS.
  • Fixed Nissan Skyline R34 having downshift protection when it shouldn’t have.
  • Minor graphic updates on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Lotus Exige V6 Cup.
  • Digital display script tweaks across the board.
  • Minor livery fix on Glickenhaus SGC003.
  • Porsche 911 RSR 2017 official WEC liveries added.
  • Fixed Setup delete function not removing preset files.
  • Added Special Events for latest free content.
  • Fixed BMW 1M rear street tyres wrong wear values.
  • Fixed Mazda MX-5 NA automatic clutch assist.
  • Small adjustments to Mazda MX-5 NA aero drag, wheels inertia and other bits and bytes here and there.
  • Improved MX-5 NA British Racing Green and Montego Blue skins.
  • Fixed Mazda MX-5 NA shifting animation speed.

Ferrari 70ᵗʰ Anniversary Celebration Pack il 19 settembre su Steam e presto su PS4 e Xbox One


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