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Problema sostituzione cuffie Turtle Beach per XBOX ONE

17 April 2018 - 21:46

Ciao a tutti, scusate se ho aperto un topic invece di chiedere in quello ufficiale ma ho pochi giorni di tempo per fare il tutto.


Allora, circa un mese fa il microfono delle mie Turtle Beach Seven Pro (per xbox one) ha deciso di abbandonarmi per cui ho iniziato a contattare un po tutti... per prima cosa contatto il venditore privato dove avevo acquistato tramite Amazon, ma ad ogni mail ricevevo sempre la stessa risposta da un bot con scritto "i 7 giorni (o 14 non ricordo) per il reso dell articolo sono scaduti, contatta il produttore...



Allora ho contattato l assistenza della turtle che dopo vari test che mi ha fatto fare finalmente da il via alla pratica e mi manda questa mail:




After we receive your package, we will send you a replacement item as described in the email exchange.

You provided the following address and contact information to us:


- (qui c era il mio indirizzo)


At the end of your replacement service, this is the address we will use to ship your replacement product. If the above address is wrong, please reply to this email and let us know the correct address before you send your package to us. All return shipments within the United States will be shipped via FedEx.

Please make sure you spend a few minutes and read these instructions carefully. Using this RMA number means that you have read and agreed to the terms of your RMA.


Make sure this RMA number is clearly displayed on the outside of your package or else it may significantly delay the processing of your RMA. We recommend writing it in at least two places in case the package is scratched or marked during shipment.

We strongly recommend that you request a tracking number or delivery confirmation number with your package, and hold onto that number until your replacement item is safely in your hands. A tracking or confirmation number protects your package from loss or theft, and if your package has no tracking number and we never receive it, there will be nothing we can do.

Unless a member of our support team told you otherwise, send in ALL of the important components of your product, including the Transmitter if your headset is a wireless model. You do not need to send us original packaging or manuals, and we would prefer for you to leave out cloth or foam parts such as ear pads or mic foam covers, especially if they are in unsanitary condition. Please be careful that you do not send us third-party components such as game console A/V cables.

We are unable to send you any packaging materials or shipping containers with this RMA.


Here is the shipping address for your RMA:

Kuehne + Nagel Ltd c/o Turtle Beach 
Midpoint Park, Minworth 
Birmingham B76 1BL 
C/O RMA-0411-340951


Attached to this email you will find a package insert. This will include a self-addressed shipping label that you can tape to your box as well as a package insert. This is designed to protect your package from loss or mishandling, so please do not neglect it.

Please send in all components of your product except for your carrying bag or carrying case (if your product came with one). We will not be able to ship a replacement until we receive all of your product's components. We do not require you send in the original packaging, product manuals, foam mic covers, or ear pads. Do not send third-party cables such as game console parts as we cannot be held responsible for their loss.

RMA Terms:

  • The package you send to us under this RMA must be postmarked (handed off to the shipper) within 20 days of the date you received this email or else it will expire.
  • Your replacement item will be sent back within 10-14 business days of the date we receive your package. To request an update on your RMA's status, please reply to this email with your request and your package's tracking number.
  • We process all packages in the order they were received. We will not give priority to one RMA over another one as that would be unfair to the customer who has been waiting longer.
  • If a package shows clear signs of tampering or abuse, or if it is shipped in a dangerous or unsanitary condition, we reserve the rights to reject it and return it to the sender at your expense, or else dispose of it on site.
  • The replacement item automatically assumes the original Warranty period. Receiving a replacement item through your warranty does not renew that warranty, nor does it end your warranty. Your warranty protection will continue from the date of purchase to its full term period. All of the details of our warranty are available on our website at

IMPORTANT! Using the above RMA number stipulates that you have read, agreed, and accepted all the terms expressed in this document.




A questo punto mi chiedo.. devo aspettare un loro corriere o devo contattarne uno io e spedire il pacco con le cuffie in america a spese mie??


Questo codice RMA a cosa serve? perchè ho provato a contattare FedEx (dato che nella mail c è scritto che il pacco di ritorno arriverà con questo corriere mi pare di capire) ma quel codice RMA non aveva nessun tipo di valore per loro. 


A questo punto ho mandato un altra mail per spiegazioni e oggi mi è arrivata questa:


"You need to arrange the courier to send the headset into us "



Qualche consiglio o dritta? perchè sto impazzendo... 


P.S. le cuffie sono state acquistate da amazon presso veditore privato ad agosto 2016 ergo dovrebbero essere ancora in garanzia no?


Ringrazio tutti in anticipo per l aiuto