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SnowRunner: A MudRunner Game


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Tracciare il percorso è diventato più complicato quando è necessario sovrappore gli indicatori del percorso di andata con quella di ritorno sulla stessa strada, cioè non è possibile sovrapporli perchè si va ad aggiungere un'altro indicatore per il percorso di andata

Modificato da Gnn
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Ma come si fa ad avere le mod attivate raga?

Ho inserito mail ma non mi è arrivato nulla

Bisogna registrarsi da qualche parte?


Inviato dal mio H8314 utilizzando Tapatalk

Dal menù principale vai in Browser Mod, seleziona la mod che vuoi scaricare e premi X "iscriviti", inizia il download della mod, una volta finito il download devi attivarla col tasto A per trovarla nel negozio dei veicoli

Lo spazio di download e di circa 4 Gb

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Patch 11.1 (Xbox One only)

  • Fixed a bug where the title entered an indefinite unresponsive state after changing user in the Mod Browser
  • Removed “Guides” option on consoles mod browser

Patch 11.2 (PS4 and PC)

  • Fixed a bug where trucks that were placed on a Big Salmon Peak disappeared after an update. (Unfortunately it is not possible to restore lost vehicles, only prevent the issue from happening again)
  • Fixed a bug with different cabins counter in description and tracking section


  • Fixed an issue with negative balance resulting from players selling a specific addon equipped on a specific truck mod. Any negative balance is switched to positive in this update
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to download a missing map mod in coop
  • Fixed a bug where once a mod was deleted from console mods, a "missing mod" warning message kept appearing on the game save loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where the "Failed to connect to" message popped up every couple of seconds when using a mod browser in offline mode
  • Disabled achievements for co-op sessions that have mods activated
  • Fixed a bug where players could be unsubscribed from a mod without approval
  • Fixed a bug where console mods which obtained the "not approved" status, remained subscribed and could not be deleted


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Uscita la stagione 3

Espandi il divertimento con la stagione 3 di SnowRunner: Locate & Deliver. Trasporta i tronchi e riporta in vita le ferrovie nei paesaggi del Wisconsin, USA. Include due enormi mappe nel Wisconsin, tre nuovi veicoli, skin esclusive, missioni uniche, componenti specifici per la raccolta del legname e molto altro!

Stagione 3: il DLC Locate & Deliver si trova all'interno del pass per la stagione e della Premium Edition, o si può acquistare separatamente.

La stagione 3: Locate & Deliver include:

• Due nuove mappe estive nel Wisconsin, USA, con la tanto attesa raccolta di legname! Usa le pinze per caricare i tronchi sul veicolo, ricostruisci le ferrovie e fornisci energia agli edifici abbandonati nella natura selvaggia.

• Tre nuovi veicoli: International PayStar Twin Steer, Pacific P512 PF e BOAR 45318.

• Nuovi elementi personalizzabili, tra cui tre skin veicolo e nuovi sticker.

• Nuovi componenti per caricare e trasportare i tronchi e un rimorchio generatore per alimentare le strutture.


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  • Fixed a bug where video settings were not saved after restarting the game
  • Fixed slow gearbox stick movement when a player is trying to set it to reverse
  • Various fixes for logging mechanics in co-op
  • Crash fixes and optimizations


  • Increased the amount of available memory for mods on consoles by at least 40%
  • Fixed a bug where a false RAM restriction appeared when players tried to connect to the co-op host with mods activated
  • Fixed a bug where a user received "Authentication notice” when selecting Mod browser after launching title without internet connection on Xbox


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Season 4 Patch Notes:


New Content

  • [DLC] New Region Amur Oblast with 4 maps in it:

    • Urska River
    • Cosmodrome
    • Northern Aegis Installation
    • Chernokamensk
  • [DLC] New trucks:

    • ZiKZ 605-R
    • Khan 317 Sentinel
  • [DLC] New skins for:

    • ZiKZ 5368
    • TUZ 420 "Tatarin"
    • Azov 64131
  • New trials:

    • Escape from Tretyakov
    • The Slope
    • Tumannaya Pass
    • Aftermath
  • 5 new hood ornaments

  • New game mode: Hard mode

    • Disabled ability to sell trailers (utilize only)
    • Disabled "Skip Time" option
    • Selling trucks for 50% of their cost
    • Paid vehicle recovery
    • Paid vehicle deploy
    • Paid repair in the garage
    • Paid auto cargo loading
    • Paid refuel on refuel stations
    • Implemented search areas for objective on a minimap instead of direct markers
    • Contests become unavailable after 3rd attempt
  • Additions:

    • Added warning message box for a situation where a player has a lot of cargo in the trailer and some of it maybe be removed on cargo packing
    • Improved distance display in miles in missions that involve Seismic vibrator
    • Added an option to display only modded trucks in the 'Truck Storage' and 'Truck Store'
    • Added an option to turn on/off the engine of the towed vehicle
    • Disabled ability to host public co-op sessions with mods
    • Supported permanent disabling of crane hints via the settings menu
    • Improved descriptions and UI behavior in the HUD settings menu
    • Dev tools are now hidden if the hide HUD option is enabled
  • Modding:

    • Added metal detector functionality in the game editor
    • Added crafting zones
    • Added generator zones
    • Added logging zones
    • Added zones for manual-only cargo unload
    • Supported custom mutators and brushes
    • Added an ability to set DLC requirements in truck mod files, which allows tweaks for DLC trucks
    • Supported custom cargo
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where Semi-Trailers were not attached properly to the truck’s saddle in some cases
    • Fixed a bug where the client received an unlimited amount of cargo when unloading cargo onto the loading platform in the ‘Framing’ zone
    • Fixed a bug where the truck engine automatically turned on after it has been stalled without any player input
    • Fixed a bug in co-op where the value in counter for created cargo in "Сargo crafting" window increased by 2 points for a single created cargo and decreased after that to the correct value
    • Fixed overlapping text in unloading pop-up in the contract Paper Factory, Section C in Wisconsin
    • Reduced transparency for "Total fuel" line in generator popup
    • Fixed a bug where Log-loader crane grab rotation controls were reversed
    • Fixed a bug in co-op where the sound of anchors looped for another player if the player returns from a long distance
    • Fixed a bug in co-op where the amount of ‘Fuel in the generator’ was not immediately updated in the crafting menu
    • Fixed a bug where a player lost all unpacked logs in single-player after loading logs in co-op
    • Fixed a bug where the client lost the ability to load cargo after trying to simultaneously load cargo with the host
    • Fixed a bug where players were unable to load medium logs from Central Log Station in Drowned Lands
    • Fixed a bug when in some cases mods were stuck in a queue on PC or were not downloaded due to an unknown error
    • Fixed a bug where Oil Rig Drill did not respawn with the restart of the Derrick Delivery task
    • Fixed controls issues with Logitech G923 wheel
    • Fixed a bug where crane restored automatically after opening cargo management menu
    • Fixed a bug where the list of mods the player needs to download to join a game was not full in some cases
    • Fixed a bug where upgrade 'engageable' of Differential Lock on International Paystar 5600 TS was available for purchase before finding it on the map 'Grainwoods * River', Wisconsin
  • Trucks:

    • Improved camera set up in customization screen for 'Caterpillar CT680'
    • Fixed a bug where the frame of Azov 42-20 Antarctic and Caterpillar 745C stayed in the same position as it was while entering the garage
    • Fixed a bug where mudflaps of Azov 42-20 Antarctic were stretched to the side after exiting the garage and had no collision
    • Tweaked steering knuckles on the Western Star 49X front wheels
    • Improved suspension for CAT CT680
  • Console Mods

    • Added a dynamic progress bar that shows the amount of free memory
    • Fixed a bug where in some cases users were unable to autologin in the Mod Browser on Xbox consoles
    • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to download more than 3 mods at the same time when joining a multiplayer game with more than 3 mods activated



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Season 5 Patch Notes


General additions

[DLC] Two new maps in the Don region:

  • Factory Grounds
  • Antonovsky Nature Reserve

[DLC] Two new trucks:

  • Tatra Force T815-7
  • Tatra Phoenix

● Unique skin for Don 71
● New exterior stickers
● Fully playable “immersive mode”

  • HUD elements such as gearbox and functions menu are hidden in this mode and only shown when a player uses them

● Supported crossplay between Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store versions of the game via either matchmaking or invite codes


  • Fixed a bug where players got missing mods message each time when they tried to load a game save in which some of the mods were deactivated
  • Improved errors handling for the mod browser
  • Fixed a bug in the game editor where the borders of the zone for crafting were not displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the numbers were shown instead of the name of the mod map on the first load
  • The approximate amount of memory that mod will take is now displayed at the dev panel on the polygon
  • Added a hotkey for dev panel hide function on polygon
  • Supported custom pictures for custom cargo
  • Improved mod browser behavior on the console in order to better display estimated RAM for each mod
  • Added ability to set up separate addons as “able to pack truck”

Hard Mode

  • Fixed a bug where fuel canisters were instantly replenished after purchasing another addon in the garage
  • Fixed a bug where the player was unable to change 'Metric System' in the Settings menu during the normal game right after exiting a 'Hard Mode' game


  • Fixed a bug where the legs of some heavy semi-trailers could get stuck in the ground after purchasing it for the Tatra 813 truck
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to attach a trailer that required a saddle when the saddle was not equipped on the Tatra T813
  • Tweaked driver position for Tatra 805
  • Fixed a bug where rear wheels of trucks with articulated frames were displayed as not attached to frame after the save load
  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Crane was incorrectly mounted to Western Star 4964 in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Cat CT681' truck could not move if the suspension was completely broken and the suspension axle was lowered
  • Fixed a bug where fuel tank addon collided with fuel tank trailer on ZiKZ 5368
  • Improved back winch placement on Tatra 813
  • Improved gauge lights on GMC Brigadier
  • Fixed a bug where the hook of a heavy-duty bumper on ANK38 was floating in the air
  • Fixed a bug where cab reverse lights did not work for Derry 4520
  • Tweaked wheel offsets for Khan Sentinel


  • Proper support for native Steam invites

General fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to load cement from Quarry for the task "Cement for the Region"
  • Fixed a bug where the "Turn on the engine on winched truck" option disappeared if the "C" button was bound to another button
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases sell of a medium log trailer did not give any money
  • Fixed a bug where cargo did not appear on the map if the client activated the task while the host was on another map
  • Fixed a bug where the “Turn on/off engine” prompt displayed on the screen after entering and exiting the garage
  • Fixed a bug where garage sounds were played before loading was complete when player recovered to the garage from another level
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases items to deliver could be duplicated when the player restarted Orbital Velocity objective
  • Fixed a bug where too many cargos were listed in the task description of For Hard-to-reach Places objective
  • Fixed a bug where location marker was not displayed for BA-20 armored car during “The Price of Victory” contract
  • Fixed a bug where All-terrain tires got "mud-terrain" written and mud-terrain tires had "all-terrain" written on them.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of the flattened tires on the mini-map was incorrect when all 4 wheels were fully damaged
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to buy trailers if a car was packed on the platform of the truck
  • Fixed a bug where cargo could disappear during packing/unpacking of cargo at a certain position of the trailer
  • Fixed a bug where «Model collector» achievement was no unlocked for some players
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to equip seismic vibrator and metal detector at the same time on some vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where control scheme “B” didn’t have a keybind for toggling the camera
  • Improved sounds playback from nearby trucks
  • Fixed a bug where the final cutscene of "Liftoff'" contrast did not work properly on the Playstation platform


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Patch 15.1


  • Improved towed vehicles wheels collision for evacuator addons
  • Improved crane behavior for Tatra Force
  • Fixed a bug where saddle low and saddle high models appeared to be the same on the Caterpillar CT681
  • Fixed errors in the description of the Container Carrier for Caterpillar 745C
  • Updated engine sounds for Jeep Wrangler

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the UI menu disappeared when a player changed video settings during the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the functions 'Exit winch control' and 'Switch winch points' were missing when using crane mode
  • Fixed a bug where the host could see guest appearing on a map after leaving the garage while the host was previewing another map from a global map
  • Fixed a bug where Articulated Towing Platform animation was desynchronized between players
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to load logs in the Unloading Zone of Antonovskiy Nature Reserve in Don
  • Fixed a bug where missing mod popup was skipped in the load game menu and was shown after the level was loaded
  • Fixed a bug where clients were unable to subscribe to more than 3 mods at a time when they were joining a host session with mods enabled
  • Fixed a bug where exhaust smoke was missing with higher than 30 FPS
  • Fixed a bug where manual unloading zones did not accept the cargo without reaching the zone with the truck
  • Fixed a bug where the functions menu did not disappear after winching
  • Fixed a bug where the fog of war was not synced between host and clients in some cases in co-op
  • Fixed a bug where re-check mods were removed from player save file


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